At Forberg Law, we have built our reputation by representing business owners, and individuals who are facing legal challenges involving business matters, real estate transactions, and personal injury cases. We have extensive experience dealing with matters that go to trial; both during an initial trial, and during appeals when legal issues are not resolved to your satisfaction.

Individuals who are involved in real estate transactions, both residential and commercial, have turned to us to review documents. We understand California real estate law, and we understand how important it is to have all real estate-related documents reviewed before signing.

We have also helped those who are facing insurmountable debt; especially when they are facing foreclosure, eviction or wage garnishment. We know despite your best intentions, sometimes you simply need a fresh start. We can help you through the bankruptcy process and help you get back on a sounder financial footing.

Whether you are starting a business, buying a home, or leasing a commercial property, you can count on us for sound legal advice. When you need legal help in California, contact the Los Angeles office of Forberg Law. Our commitment is to listen to the issues you are facing and develop a strategy to help you resolve them satisfactorily.