Business Law

Business Law
Your business represents a significant investment of your time. You work hard, you take care of your client’s needs, and your goal is to continue to grow your business, and protect your reputation. Unfortunately, unless you have carefully planned for all potential issues, you could face legal difficulties, which, in some cases, can be avoided.

Protecting Your Business From Day One

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to ensure you have selected the right business structure. The right structure can help you in numerous ways including helping you minimize your tax burden, and protecting your personal assets from business creditors. The right business structure should offer these protections, and more.

Doing Business With Others

All business owners have customers, but they also have vendors, and many have employees, or partners. Many of these relationships require contracts; a properly worded contract can protect you from a range of issues. Employment contracts should be designed to protect your intellectual property, ensure the employee, or contractor, understands what is expected of them, and have clearly defined payment for services.

Vendor contracts can be very complex; you may need materials on a pre-defined schedule to meet customer demands, and you also need clear information regarding costs of material, and payment terms. Whether you need a contract drawn up, or you need a contract reviewed, you should work closely with an experienced California business attorney.

At the Los Angeles office of Forberg Law, we have helped business owners across California with a range of business matters. Whether you need help deciding on the right business structure, or you need help enforcing the terms of a contract, contact us for help.